Our History

My date with golf destiny began early. At the age of 7, I took my first step onto a golf course with my dad, and the love affair continues to this day as I compete in the LPGA and Legends Tours. My passion for golf powered me through adversity – with the help of my parents. At 13 years old, I was first diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes – by my mother. And it is this connection that drives The Michelle McGann Fund.

The key ingredient to managing diabetes

I’m passionate about diabetes research, education and awareness, but feel obligated to provide children with juvenile or Type 1 diabetes and their families with the support I received as a kid. You see, my parents played an integral role in keeping me healthy and able to do things like play golf at a highly competitive level.

How it began

When I was 13, my mom, a registered nurse practitioner, went away for the weekend to attend continuing education classes. They happened to be about diabetes. Upon her return home, she immediately recognized the signs and diagnosed me with Type 1 diabetes. The next day, she took me to the hospital where a doctor confirmed the diagnosis.

Education: the key

It was my mother’s keen eye, education and swift response that allowed me to get the treatment I needed. But my parents continued to support me over the years with diligence and passion, pursuing the best treatments and regularly attending doctor’s appointments.

The realization

As an adult, I believed that my active lifestyle was the sole key to my good health. Several years ago, however, I realized that it was my parents’ commitment to learning about diabetes treatment, health and medications that was the true driver of my great health and management of diabetes.

Giving back

That realization led me to commit The Michelle McGann Fund to pursue educational and support programs that help families learn about disease prevention and make good choices for their children’s future health.

Overcoming diabetes

My history informs The Michelle McGann Fund’s purpose: I believe that many families need help today – beyond research. While diabetes research is important, diabetes education, awareness and support is just as critical. What families do today for their children’s health will impact their lives tomorrow, and decades from now.

I’m committed to supporting families who are dealing with a diagnosis, treatment plan and keeping their child as healthy as possible through education programs, camps, books, financial aid and more.

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