Grant recipients are required to follow these conditions:

  1. Delivery of services/activity
    • Grant recipients must complete evaluations by the due date listed in the deadlines section of the Deadlines & Procedures page.
    • Details and budget outlined in the application serve as the obligations recipients must follow.
  2. Reporting
    • Recipients must complete and include a comprehensive financial report with receipts along with the evaluation.
    • Evaluation must include the impact of the program/activity, significance to organization/individual, and whether outcomes were met.
    • Individuals listed on the application must be available for an evaluation interview if requested.
  3. Acknowledgement
    • Recipients will acknowledge The Michelle McGann Fund where appropriate.
    • The Michelle McGann Fund logo should appear on promotional materials.
  4. Payment
    • Recipients will provide bank account information to The Michelle McGann Fund upon application approval, and grant funding will be deposited into that account only.
    • Recipients will provide proof of equipment or program costs (individual) or proof of program expenses (organizations) to The Michelle McGann Fund.
    • At the end of the grant year, any remaining funds will be returned to The Michelle McGann Fund.